Danish anti-piracy organisation demands blockade streaming site Grooveshark

Author: Future of Copyright - 17-11-2011

RettighedsAlliancen (RA), a Danish coalition of right holders in the music and film industry, has sued Grooveshark. According to RA, the music streaming service has no (licensing) contracts with right holders to offer their music. Therefore, Grooveshark is infringing the holders’ copyrights.

“When you want to offer music on the Danish market, one must have an agreement with right holders to do so. Grooveshark does not and has been completely uncooperative,” Maria Fredenslund, chief of RettighedsAlliancen explained.

Grooveshark's streaming service exists for several years now.  However, the service is getting more users lately and that’s why RA wishes to block the service. Additionally, Grooveshark's course of action would also create unfair competition in Denmark, for example with Spotify. This similar streaming service actually did sign contracts with right holders.  

Now, the RA asks the court to order a DNS blockade of the music streaming service. To block a DNS, the ISP removes the IP address of the blocked website. When someone tries to go to the blocked websites, you get a blank screen in the browser, because it does not know the IP address. If the Danish court rules in favour of RettighedsAlliancen, Grooveshark is forced to carry out the blockade through their ISP.

Reference: Tweakers, TorrentFreak

By: Karen Groen

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